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안전 에어건 액세사리

에어건을 멀리 떨어져 있거나 도달하기 어려운 지역까지 확장할 수 있도록 장착하고, 칩 실드를 구입하여 작업자의 안전성을 높이고, 마모된 에어건에 대한 수리 키트를 찾으십시오

  • 최대 72인치 길이로 확장 가능

  • 칩 쉴드는 안전 에어건 소, 중, 대, 강력에 설치 가능

  • 서비스 키트 및 수리 부품은 여기에서 찾으세요

조절형 안전 에어건 (초강력)란?

TurboBlast® Safety Air Guns are extraordinary, ergonomic guns which produce very high airflow and force up to 23 pounds. A soft grip houses a one finger, button trigger which activates a powerful airflow. A gate valve is available to allow for on-the-fly airflow adjustment when less or more airflow is demanded from the application. The rugged cast aluminum handle is surrounded by an over-molded soft, yet rugged elastomer grip which is also UV and chemical resistant. The handle houses a low-profile trigger button, which keeps the trigger protected if dropped. An automatic air shut-off mechanism will engage if the TurboBlast is let go of or dropped, preventing injury to operators. This trigger needs just a slight amount of squeeze to activate the nozzles to remove stubborn debris, slag, flash or liquids from many harsh processes. Base models include the 1' (304.8mm) extension, but can also be ordered with a 3' (914mm) or 6' (1829mm) extension. Nozzle guards are included for all models. These versions include the gate valve as well.

​적용 분야

  • Slag removal

  • Flash removal

  • Paper manufacturing cleanup

  • Steel Mill cleanup

  • Manufacturing cleanup of stubborn debris/waste

  • Part cooling

  • Part drying, liquid removal

​장 점

  • Easy adjustment valve to control airflow blowing force (available on specific models)

  • Light touch activation trigger

  • "Dead Man's" grip turns off airflow if handle is dropped

  • Highly ergonomic handle is insulated to protect from heat or cold

  • Integrated air nozzle guard

  • Improves safety and meets OSHA noise exposure and pressure standards

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