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EXAIR Accessories help bolster and enhance EXAIR products. Accessories help get the most out of your product and provide flexibility to EXAIR products that match the needs of your application while maintaining safety and efficiency.

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To optimize your compressed air system, EXAIR offers:

  • Filter Separators to remove water, dirt and rust from your compressed air system. Available with either manual or automatic drains

  • Oil Removal Filters to remove the lubricants and solid particulates that can make their way into your compressed air stream

  • Pressure Regulators to fine tune compressed air supply at point-of-use

  • Mounting brackets and couplers to make installation easy!

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  • Manual quarter turn ball valves

  • Spring loaded manual valves

  • Solenoid valves for automatic control of air supply

  • Swivel fittings for precise positioning of Air Nozzles, Air Jets, and Air Amplifiers

  • A wide variety of couplers, reducers, elbows, and bulkhead fittings

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To help further reduce work area noise created by air exhausting from cylinders, valves, and other air powered equipment, EXAIR offers a wide variety of mufflers.

  • Reclassifying Mufflers offer the best noise reduction and help remove oil from exhaust air

  • Sintered Bronze Mufflers are a lower cost alternative to Reclassifying Mufflers. Less noise reduction and no oil removal filtration

  • Straight-Through Mufflers are aluminum shells that are filled with sound absorbing foam

  • Heavy Duty Mufflers also have an aluminum shell but include internal stainless screens to protect valves and cylinders

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EXAIR offers a wide variety of compressed air hoses and conveyance hose for our Air Operated Conveyors.

  • Coiled hose in 3 standard sizes with swivel fittings

  • Straight hose in 2 sizes constructed of reinforced synthetic rubber for long life and protection against weathering

  • Line Vac conveying hose in sizes that are compatible with all Line Vac models

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  • Drum dollies for Industrial Housekeeping Products. Available for 5, 20, 55, and 110 gallon drums

  • Adjustable thermostat for Cabinet Cooler Systems

  • 60 gallon receiver tank to store air near high demand applications

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